söndag 31 juli 2011

Glorifying For God, catch the fire

God has done so much for me, he has answered my prayers, God is truely good, iam a christian with one purpose of which is to gloryfy God, because of all he has done for me through Jesus, so by all means iam to Gloryfy God through this Blogg, we had a conference today and the power of  God moved strongly, i took some of the pictures, we sung, praised, and glorified God, all through Jesus and by the Holy spirit.

i found all my answers in the Bible, Jesus christ is the reason why i love God, because it is Jesus who reveal God to me, and because of his Holy spirit iam determined to follow the Lord, with all myself in Jesus name, Jesus  christ is the only testimony to my faith in God, and the reality is Jesus is the only way to God, Amen.
all the answers are in the Bible

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